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Fler talare dyker upp efterhand som programmet bekräftas

Gordon Pratt, Managing Director

Gordon Pratt

Managing Director
Thames Gateway Tramlink (KenEx)

Managing Director of the Thames Gateway Tramlink (KenEx) project, Gordon is leading the transformative green infrastructure opportunity located within the Thames Estuary connecting Kent with Essex. He is fully aware of local transport issues faced by communities and businesses and the pressing need for an inclusive, efficient alternative to the car. Gordon and the project team have been working with industry experts and the many local stakeholders taking the proposal forward to a submission of the Outline Business Case to the Department for Transport in 2021. He sits on the boards of several successful, growing, private businesses advising on strategy and finance.

Pratt can be reached at

Simon Johnson

Business developer & Construction Director
Thames Gateway Tramlink (KenEx)

Simon has secured profitable Civil Engineering works in the Rail, Utility, DNO, Power, TfL and Technology sectors.  Simon is adept at cultivating Civil Engineering and Construction opportunities, ensuring sustainable and profitable growth across a broad range of projects. He has secured the ICE Kent and East Sussex Engineering Excellence Prize and Green Apple Environment Gold Certificate for a key regeneration project.


Johnson can be reached at

Simon Johnson

Thomas Lange

Modern stadstrafik

Thomas J Potter

Technical expoert


Mario Rivera

Uppsala Spårväg

Ruprecht Anz

Bosch Engineering 

Dr. Ruprecht Anz joined Bosch in 2001. He worked as system designer and Software architect in the development department of the Bosch automotive powertrain division.

As project manager he gained experience developing software for safety relevant systems for trucks and off road vehicles.

Since 2012 he joined a team that is dedicated to build up a business by transferring automotive systems and components for application in the rail industry.

He was project manager of the development of the first generation of Tram Forward Collision Warning systems. Today he is responsible for innovation and business development for rail technology at Bosch.  

Ruprect Anz
MPvB pasfoto 2.jpg

Mark van Bekkum

Microsim TSY BV – Delft, Netherlands

Senior EMC advisor rail and environment

Mark is working as a senior EMC expert on several aspects in the rail world. From quality track measurements to advice towards end-users, and all in between from design to delivering a special
project. Mark has being part of big tram projects like Utrecht (NL) and Lund (SE), and many more European cities. His aim is to ensure that quality is delivered, no matter the client. Metro, light rail or tram, EMC is always around.

Slava Ivanov

NRC Group

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Paolo Marchetti.jpg

Paolo Marchetti


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Julia Bengtsson

Lunds kommun

Julia Bengtsson.jpg
Roy Haglund.jpg

Roy Haglund

Lunds kommun

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