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Most important light rail event in the Nordics

April 25-26 2024
Museum of World
culture, Göteborg, Sweden
The Conference

About Spårvägsforum

Two days of all things light rail
April 25-26 2024

Tramway Forum is the Nordic region's most important meeting place for those of you who are somehow involved in the tramway sector. Here you can network with new and old colleagues, learn about what's new in the sector and participate in interesting study visits. The arrangement also suits you who come from abroad and are curious about Sweden, many of our speakers give their speeches in English.

The tramway forum runs for two days, and we offer plenty of networking opportunities, interesting discussions and informative talks. Sign up today!

In the spring of 2024, Tramway Forum will finally return to Göteborg, where you as a participant will have the chance to see the new tramway. 

Registration for the spring event will open soon, and there are Early Bird prices for our members that are valid until February 15th, after that regular prices apply and then there will also be the possibility to buy one-day tickets.


About Spårvagnsstäderna

Who are organizing Spårvägsforum?

Soprvagnsstäderna is a collaborative organization founded in 2009. Our goal is to make it easier to build modern light rail / tramways in Sweden by facilitating cooperation and conversation within the sector. The association in membership based where cities and regions are appointed to our board and decide our direction, while suppliers, cities outside of Sweden and interest associations are welcomed as associated members. Knowledge sharing is the core of our organization and this happens in several ways, such as events like this one but also seminars and technicla visits. 



What are previous participants saying about us?


RSVP for our next event. See you soon!
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