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Speak at Tram Forum

One of the best aspects of Tram Forum is to hear about what's new in the sector. It can be a new product, a successful project, a problem that is solved in a new way or maybe something completely different that can be interesting to present. The presentations are often given by suppliers, representatives from the municipality and region or perhaps decision makers. If you feel you have something you want to say that would suit, read more below and contact us. 

Who speaks at Tram Forum

Anyone can apply to speak at Tram Forum, but we choose carefully among those who apply. The issue that is raised should be of great general interest among those in the industry. Therefore, we avoid, for example, lectures that are too detail-oriented. 

We also make sure that pure sales presentations are avoided. Because the audience is so multifaceted, it's not interesting for a decision maker to hear about very specific technical details. On the other hand, it is very interesting to listen to how, for example, a new product has been developed, what challenges have existed and what problems it must solve. But instead of hearing about a special product from Acme Tramway INC, it is more interesting to know what opportunities a product of this new type has. If you feel this isn't crystal clear, and if you think it is complicated, feel free to have a chat with us. Of course you are allowed to tell us about your product but put in context. 

We like to see a broad representation of nationalities at our conferences, and therefore it is a wish - but not a requirement - that the presentations be held in English. If you do not feel comfortable with English, it is of course good to speak Swedish or one of the other Nordic languages. 

In conclusion, it should also be pointed out that no sponsorship places or speaking places are sold to Tram Forum. We curate our content to make it as interesting as possible for all participants. Sometimes there's is an overlap of exhibitors and presenters however, and we do offer exhibitions places for a fee at every conference.

We may sound harsh - but we are not. If you feel that you want to present something, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will help you!

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