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Tram forum spring 2024 - A dynamic trip through the future of trams

Over two inspiring days in Gothenburg, experts gathered to discuss the future of tram systems. The conference began with a fascinating tram tour through Gothenburg, providing a unique insight into the city's historical and modern districts. This experience laid the groundwork for subsequent discussions on everything from risk management and data-driven innovation to sustainable building materials like eco-friendly concrete.

The presentation by Arve Stavrum-Tång on data-driven innovation highlighted how advanced analytics can improve the operations of Gothenburg's tramways, demonstrating the importance of technology in enhancing efficiency in public transport. Jonas Carlswärd shared insights on the production of green concrete and its potential to revolutionize the construction industry by significantly reducing carbon emissions

CEMIT pratade om att göra spårvägar smarta.

One of the highlights was the presentations on operating tramways under war conditions in Lviv, Ukraine, which illuminated the incredible resilience required under extreme circumstances. The conference also addressed human rights risks within the manufacturing of track vehicles.

En delegation från Lviv delade med sig av sina erfarenheter av att driva spårvägstrafik i krigstid.

The first evening concluded with a well-received dinner at the Grand Curiosa hotel.

Day 2: Collaboration and communication in the tram world

The second day of the conference began with an engaging session on the design of Lyon's new T10 tram line, presented by Aurélien Le Bot from SYSTRA in France. The session highlighted the tramway’s eco-friendly planning and implementation. The innovative design not only improves urban mobility but also aligns with Lyon's commitment to reducing carbon footprints and promoting a greener future, setting a standard for future tramway projects globally.

Following this inspiring start, Steve Duckering, operations manager for UK Tram, led a session on standardizing training for tram drivers in the UK. His presentation outlined the measures taken for standardization, the challenges faced during the process, and the anticipated benefits.

Viivi Sänkiniemi, communications manager for the Jokeri Light Rail project, shared insights into the crucial role of communication in successful project management. Her presentation emphasized how effective communication strategies are becoming increasingly important in infrastructure projects to efficiently achieve goals and manage stakeholders' expectations.

Deirdre Miller, customer experience manager for LUAS, held a captivating presentation marking the 20th anniversary of Dublin's popular tram system, Luas. She provided a comprehensive overview of the impact Luas has had on Dublin over the past two decades, highlighting how it has become an integral part of the city's daily life and urban landscape.

Deirdre Miller, customer experience manager på LUAS i Dublin tittade bakåt och framåt i sitt föredrag.

Between the intense sessions, there were plenty of opportunities for networking, with lunches and coffee breaks providing participants the chance to exchange ideas and create new contacts.

You can download the whole agenda below!

Download PDF • 83KB


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