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Spårvägsforum spring 2022

In the spring of 2022 it was time for Spårvägsforum to visit Gothenburg. A city a were the old meets the new.

The days at the Museum of World Culture were started with an introduction to Gothenburg's coming tramway projects. After that the almost 100 partipants were taken to waiting heritage trams that took us around the city to show what we had previously only seen in the Powerpoints. Gothenburg has many exciting projects ahead, such as a new tram tunnel and track at Lindholmen.

During the afternoon we got a presentation about how the process of developing a new tram for Gothenburg, we took a dive into the world of tramway typology and and intelligen trams.

In the evening the group had a networking dinner in the depot of the museum trams. In an atmosphere of history, the group had tapas and plenty of opportunity to mingle.

Friday was started with a holistic vision of driver assistance, and in international outlook from Australia. We also had a closer look at products to help improve safety of cyclists and climate adaption. At the end of the event participants had a chance to take a ride in the newest delivery to Gothenburg's fleet of trams.


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