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Tram forum fall 2023: A Beacon for Tram and Urban Transport Innovation

The Spårvägsforum Conference Fall 2023 recently concluded, marking another successful gathering of tram and urban transport professionals. This year's event, filled with insightful discussions and technical showcases, highlighted the ongoing evolution and significance of tram systems in urban mobility.

Day 1: November 21 - A Day of Insights and Innovations

The conference commenced with an engaging welcome speech by tramway advocate and founder of Spårvagnsstäderna Karin Svensson Smith, setting a tone of enthusiasm and commitment for the attendees. A key session focused on Lund’s tramway, where Roy Haglund and Julia Bengtsson from the Lund municipality shared their experiences and lessons learned from implementing the city's tram system. This was followed by an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Lund's tramway, providing attendees with a rare glimpse into the operations of the city's public transportation network.

The afternoon sessions delved into technological advancements. Mark van Bekkum from Microsim discussed the challenges and solutions in reducing magnetic fields around DC Light Rail Systems. Concurrently, Dr. Ruprecht Anz from Bosch Engineering introduced the latest developments in anti-collision systems, highlighting the strides being made in tram safety and technology.

The day concluded with a networking dinner, fostering connections and conversations among the participants.

Day 2: November 22 - Exploring Challenges and Future Visions

The second day of the conference opened with an intriguing case study from Stockholm, presented by Thomas Lange from Modern Stadstrafik. He detailed the effects of temporarily replacing tram service with buses, providing a real-world perspective on urban transport dynamics.

A highlight was the presentation on the KenEx Tram project, a potential game-changer in the UK's light rail landscape, presented by Gordon Pratt and Simon Johnson. This session was complemented by Paolo Marchetti of Systra's insights on using tramways as tools for placemaking in Bologna, demonstrating how tram routes can enrich urban landscapes and communities.

Mariusz Kalinowski from Rhomberg Sersa took the stage to discuss Copenhagen's urban transport transformation, followed by an enlightening presentation by Slava Ivanov from NRC Group on utilizing digital twins and drones in light rail construction, focusing on the Crown bridge project in Helsinki.

The conference wrapped up with updates on the Uppsala tramway project and the modernization of the Gråkallbanen tramway in Trondheim, Norway, showcasing ongoing efforts and future plans in tramway development.

The Spårvägsforum Conference Fall 2023 not only served as a platform for learning and networking but also as a testament to the vibrant and innovative spirit driving the future of urban tram systems. With a focus on both current challenges and future possibilities, the conference has set the stage for continued growth and development in the field of urban mobility. The anticipation is already building for the next Spårvägsforum in Göteborg in 2024.


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