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Spårvägsforum 2021

Spårvägsforum 2021 was our first physical event since the pandemic restrictions were lifted. Almost 100 participants from several different countries met at Lidingö outside of Stockholm in a light rail environment.

En talare gör sin presentation framför en intresserad publik.
Picture from Spårvägsforum 2021

The event started with the transportation of the participants in a very classy way from the end of the Lidingö line in Ropsten directly into our conference venue at the Lidingö line depot. We immediately started the presentations which were mostly focused on Stockholm, considering that's where the event was held. After an overview of coming projects the group once again boarded tram to learn more about the Lidingö line and what it has meant for the area. Eventually it will be tied together with the city tram line in Stockholm, something which was discussed in the pandel debate.

In the evening, the group had a networking dinner at Scandic Foresta, before the more informal networking continued through the evening.

During the second day we had an international outlook from France to see how public transport is recovering there, and about the process of designing a new tram for Tampere and Helsinki. Since Uppsala light rail is also the next project to start in Sweden we got an update about what's happening there.

The event was finished after eating a networking lunch and the tram took the participants back to the city.


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